Bike Eleven

Wednesday 29th October 2008

Bike into work on the first really cold morning, with clear skies and a beautiful day ahead. Feet got really cold, might need to wear thicker sock or peddle faster, find socks I think. Then out with a group to Bellever Forest for a short ride 9km, weather still good but cold especially at the slow pace. Looking forward ride home to test new front light, but annoyed to see rain falling. Go for it and but not an enjoyable experience and turned into a bit of a slog. Feet cold and wet............ thinking about removing feet.....


Run Fifteen - OMM

Check it out were famous, upset a few people cool Oh well. There is always next year!!!! Anyone need an explanation of why we do it, check this out......

Time to start training for the London Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run 14 - Hashing 20th October 2008

Great wet, gorse filled, muddy hash, gotta love it

On On to the OMM

Run 13 - 19 October 08

Orienteering - Polly Joke. Went well think I got a little lazy on the last few controls and got beaten by 17secs by Barry. I'll be back bring on the OMM.

Bike Ten - In only

17th October
Training seems to be paying off as I set new PB for journey into work today....... 47min 10secs would have been faster but for a bus and fish van holding me up on the Hoe. Feeling good.

Bike Nine - Records

15th October
Good ride in today didn't feel that fast so suprised to see that it was a new PB 49min 44secs. Was looking forward to ride back as weather was due to improve unfortunatly it did but then started to rain as I got on my bike maybe thats what pushed me on to a second PB of the day 1hr01min24sec, 1hr barrier in sight.......... Hope fitness translates to Mountain Marathon next week.


Monday 13th October 2008

Hashing great to be running, first time since the Adventure Race. Really good hash from Merrivale, plenty of ups and down, bogs, rivers, all the ingredients of an excellent hash.


Saturday 4th October 08

Dynamic Adventure Racing - Endurance Event. 8hr score event in the Quantocks see for results. Spent 4.5hrs out on Mountain Bikes covering around 38km, then just over 3 hrs out on foot covering about 12km (not enough) but we did alright coming 10th/24th and 3rd male pair. As normal Oly ran me ragged, including lying to me about how much time we had left and pushing me all the way to the finish, even when 100m from the finish I got cramp. Only to find that we had five minutes left......... Now looking forward to OMM at the end of the month.

38km bike
12km run
7hr 55min

Friday 3rd October 2008

Post today from London Marathon organisers, looked like all the rest so I assumed it was another rejection...... but even worse it was an acceptance, now I really do need to train.................................................................. not sure how I feel about all that.

Bike Eight - Snorkel Sandwich

Wednesday 1st October 2008

Had a really good day, today, managed the ride to work in a new record time of 50min 58 secs. Then we went to Cawsands and spent 2 hours Snorkelling. I did think I wouldn't be up for much on the way home but really felt great and got back in 1hr 02min 12secs. All in all a good day with two new fastest times and the one hour mark getting closer.

Now looking forward the Adventure Race on Saturday.