Friday 20th February 09

Now that I am a professional athlete…………. Well out of work youth worker, I can spend my days training hard for the marathon!  SO today I went out and ran 6.4 km in 36min which is fast for me. Yesterday I got myself lost in the local woods and ended up doing around 8km but took over 70min.  I have also set myself the challenge of running the Bideford Half Marathon, partly to get used running an event, but mainly to take the boredom out of training which is proving to be the hardest part of it all.   Give me a map any day.  I am also looking forward to the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon in June.


Anyway if there is anyone out there who wants to come for a run let me know.

Catch up

12th February 2009

Run around the hoe with Martyn probably our last as Martyn goes away soon and I have left work to (to concentrate on my training - I wish!!!). Anyway we extended the run a little and went out around Coxside as well. Still not getting enough runs during the week, but I guess with time on my hands I will have no excuses.
6.3km 4 miles
15th February 2009
Went out to run 13 miles, but only got 10 done as I had decided to wear my old shoes and they after many miles decided to give me hassle from 6 miles so decided to cut short. I am looking forward to getting back to orienteering soon as road running is so boring...... However may have found a group to run with on a Sunday to relieve the bordom.....
10miles 16km

8th February 2009

8th February 2009 - Went out should have been doing 10miles but really didn't feel like but after running for half an hour felt good and ended up running 17.3km 10.8 miles. So things going OK need to run more during the week this coming week.

5th February 2009 - 5miles 8km ran home from work wet again.........

Catch Up

29th January - Out for a quick blast a round the Hoe after work with Martyn. 2.7 miles 4.5km 21min 38sec. Hoping to get that time down as training goes on.

31st January - Night Orienteering out on the moors, pretty wild night 2.5 miles 4.1 km 47mins that does count the distance covered running around in circles??!!

1st February - Nice run out to Yelverton over Roborough Down great views over the moors, hard work against the wind in some of the more exposed bits. 8.1 miles 13.1km 1hr 23:08