Dartmoor Runners - Hay Tor

Catch Up

23rd January 2011
Classic Devon OC event.  Brown 7.6km 360m, well that's what it said, but a mix up with scales produced a 50% error which meant it was 11.4km 360m. It felt a long time, but I was glad I didn't take my watch as I think I would have packed it in thinking I was the worse orienteer ever rather than just a slow orienteer which I can accept!!  Anyway a time of 1:56:14 wasn't to bad for what should have been a M35L course and after a busy couple of days.

 22nd January 2011
Another excellent night event from QO.  This was the second time on this format and it is a really good way of getting an hours event on to a relatively small area.  All you have to do is choose a colour to start on then figure out when to switch, once you change you can't go back.  Oh and make sure you get back in time!!  I managed 5.8km in 59:58 so a close shave.

21st January 2011
Out for a run on the moors see my Dartmoor tors blog

Endomondo Running Workout

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 7.20 km in 56m:02s using Endomondo."

First run back after some Southern Hemisphere warm weather training!! Well drinking and eating. Good to be back out on the moors, felt OK but lack a little endurance. Really looking forward to this year and getting back into the training and knock off the remaining Dartmoor Tors and Hilltops on my list.