Devon and Cornwall Night League - Alder Lake 20th November 2010

First event of 2010/11 Devon and Cornwall Night League.  This was the first event at Alder Lake and it is ideally suited to night orienteering. Unfortuantly my head torch battery took the opportunity to pack up!!  So I had to go out with a small head torch and handheld bike light!!  Took a little while to get into the 1:5000 map, and apart from some time spent off the map and some stuck on a barbwire fence it was a pretty average run on my part,  still a really enjoyable event and a nice evening in the pub.

GPS Track

Virtuous Lady 14th November 2010

Devon Orienteering Club event, main task was to try and stay on your feet long enough to make some forward progress.  This event would not make my top hundred  of orienteering events.  There were limited places to get into the flow of the race, the map was average and not all the controls were in the correct place.  On the way over I nearly stopped to go for a run on the moors, wish I had!  

Quantock Orienteers After Dark - 13 November 2010

Great event tonight near Bridgewater. 60 min score event on a small area.  Two colour of controls Red and Blue, you can start on either colour, once you change colour you can't go back.  A little slow to start with as start triangle printed in the wrong place but once I got going it was really enjoyable.  Decided to make the change between the two 50 pointers which seemed to workout OK.  Missed a path with 10 mins to go so headed cross country pop out on the path who knows where 8 mins to go, decide to climb the hill hope to either hit the crag straight on or hit the earth wall and decide left or right!!  Someone was looking down on me and hit the crag dead on.  Headed back down the track for a nice easy run in with 3 minutes to spare.  Great event with a great concept I'll be back for more. 

Original Mountain Marathon 30th/31st October - Dartmoor

Day One

It was a pleasant change lying in bed at home thinking of those making there way to the start line.  But it was soon time to get up and make our way to Okehampton Camp for the start.  The weather was as forecast mild, cloud cover and breezy making for good conditions on Day One.  1009 start and off we went.  Having competed for many years on the Medium Score class we are usually pretty good at quickly sussing out the route for us, but for once this took a little longer.  We quickly ruled out going east as this would have committed us to a long slog west later in the day for little or no reward.  So south we headed on the army ring road picking up a 20 pointer before setting off west to Yes Tor, then a nice run down to Lints Tor.  From Lints we followed the valley south picking up two controls before turning west to Hare Tor.  Reaching Hare Tor with just over half of the six hours gone.  We turned north over Chat Tor, and headed off to Branscombe's Loaf.  We pushed on down the track past Gren Tor, pushing then to give us a bigger buffer at the end for any problems.  Quickly out to Branscombe Loaf, before turning south towards the finish over Great Nodden, Doe Tor and then the run into the finish at Willsworthy Camp.  5hrs 48min 55secs 31km 270 points and 80th/287.  Day One 

It's pretty exposed at Willsworthy and the Tussock capital of the moor, so it was a pitch and hope by the time we got in, we found a spot near Will Hancock (Lying 11th on Day 1).  It turned out that one of the tussocks was in fact a rock, at about 11pm we where going to move the tent but the wind had got up and the rain was really heavy so we chose to suck it and see........ mistake, an uncomfortable night was had not great preparation for a second day on the hill.

Day Two

After a pretty average night in a small tent, the rain stopped long enough for us to pack up and get to the start only 1 minute late.   Off we went back to Doe Tor,  then re-entrant near Great Links, through Kitty Tor to Steng-A-Tor, 1hr 30min gone feeling the burn now.  Rain coming in now, and wind shifted to the east so right in the face.  Along the top of the valley through Branscombe's Loaf, and then the run down to Sourton Tor.  Route choice here, stay south of Shelstone Tor and keep more height to stream junction to east of Homerton Hill or drop into valley early and cross by bridge.  Went for bridge option, glad after seeing this picture up 3 10 pointers above finish, before heading out to East Mill.  Return via ring road to east to give ourselves option of one more control think we need 50mins, have 42, decide against it and make for the finish.  4hr39min07 21km 210points  129th/287. Day Two 

Overall 104th/287

Great results from some great friends:

Elite Class
Shane Ohly and partner                      5th 
Short Score
Will and Rich Kromhout                      1st
Arthur Boyt and Mark Sedge                11th

Medium Score
Will Hannock and Rob Hicks                3rd
Chris Moncaster and James Turner        30th
Nigel Worsey and Partner                    78th
Rob Sneyd and Sarah Middleton            249th

Long Score
Ian Bowles and Richard Sansbury          32nd
Oliver and Carmel Marner                    77th (Carmel First MM)
Hamish Wilson and Su Porter               122nd
Steven Monk and Hannah Wilson-Rudd 137th

C Class
Matt Mitcheson and Brian Cota             127th