Wet and Wild Boar!! - BOKTrot 2012

The prospect of running in the wind and the rain didn't help me get out of bed, but with the entry paid for and staying only 30 miles from the event off I went into the wilds!!!  

I had an early start which for once must have been an advantage as the ground was only going to get heavier as the day went on.  I set out to the start with a waterproof over my windproof to try and keep as warm as possible until my start.  Luckily the start area was in the woods so the waiting around for my start time wasn't to cold.  In the start lanes there was the usual signs a warning of wild boar!! 

So off I went trying not push to hard as I knew from experience this was going to be a long hard course.  Always nice to have #1 in the bag safely, some really runnable forest to #2, slight mistake being to low on the river but no major issues.  Started to flow through the course nicely, made a big effort to #5 as I have made mistakes in this area before, kept in contact with the map a hit it straight on.  Cautious to #8 as again this area can be difficult, but I selected a good attack point and into the control safely.  Climbed out #8 and found myself above #9 very loose under foot sliding around everywhere, punched the control and had to fight back up the hill, two steps up then slipped  back down one!!  Out of control #12 decided on the safe route into the technical area, 10 years ago at this event I retired here, no thought of that today.  Safely to the large track and looking for a path off right to the pond.  Ahead I notice a lady with a dog disappearing off, that must be the track.  Running down the path I got to the pond and then I heard an almighty grunt!!  I jumped out my skin, I looked left to see a massive Boar looking at me.  I had a little chat with it and made my way tentatively onwards down the track.  I caught up with the lady who turned out to be an orienteer and she asked if I had seen it.  "Yes" I said "scared the hell out me", "thank goodness my dog didn't see it" she replied.  Now on full Boar alert I managed to keep wits about me and get into #13 cleanly.  #15 was found cleanly, and still running ok even though I had been out for 85 minutes, I was led into #16 by another competitor and was shocked because I had been navigating to #17 so gave myself a mental slap.  Not sure what happen to #18, I was certain that I was on the track which runs to the east of control 1 but saw a track junction ahead confirming I was to the west! Confused!  Finally crossed into the section of forest with #18 in and then started doubting myself as there were a large number of wet ditches which weren't mapped.  Eventually found the hide, punched and made for the last control and finish.  I kept running from the finish not wanting stop and get too cold.  The weather was going full tilt now so I quickly jumped in the car to get changed.  I thought the course was really challenging, and when you add the conditions in it was a tough event and I was happy with the outcome.  Congratulations to all at Bristol Orienteering Klub who made it all happen in difficult circumstances.



BOKtrot 2012 - New Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean

Brown 10.4km 355

10th/16 Mark Lockett 106.12

Short Brown 8.2km 270m

27th/53 Phil Newall 88:36

Blue 6.6km 245m

28th/93 Graham Pring 72.02

40th/93 Barry Olds 78.03

Short Blue 5.4km 220m

15th/62 Adele Newall 64.56

26th/62 Peter Morton 70.41

Short Green 3.7km 110m

14th/34 Annabel Pring 68.43

27th/34 Pauline Olds 81.51

Cornwall Orienteering Club Race - Mount Edgcumbe

So to Mount Edgcumbe for a Cornwall Orienteering Club league race, I ran the Brown course 8.3km 290m with 28 controls.  And run I did, Mount Edgcumbe is always more physical than technical but with 28 controls you still had to keep your head.  It's easy early on to push the pace and pay for it with some sloppy nav.  This event used butterfly loops on the brown course which added interest to this area which we have used on many occasions before.  I was really happy with my run and am feeling the benefit of my recent weight loss especially on the hills.  71mins put me in amongst competitors that I don't usually compete with which is very motivating.  Looking forward to running at the BOKtrot next weekend in the Forest of Dean.  

Weight loss update 12kg since January!!