Revisited Devon Event from 6th December 08

Couldn't decide where to run today so decided to rerun an orienteering event from Dec 08.  Which turned out to be an enjoyable decision.  Mixed weather including heavy hail, blue skies and a bit of rain.  Not having flags out really does focus the mind, comparing the gps tracks suggested that every control was visited and there were a couple of different route choices as well.  Got around in 61mins. 

Lanhydrock 14th February 2009

Ran Brown again today 7.2km 190m 25c.   Went well until control 12 when I put pressure on myself as I knew someone was catching me.  Messed it up and he went past.  Running speed on the dead ground a problem 10 - 11 7.04 and 14 - 15 6.45.  Still happy overall as under 10m/km.  Now I am available for the JK will have to get out and train if I don't want to be last.

Five Tors - 6th February 2010 Night Event

Busy day, back to Five Tors for a night event where we ran the green from the day event backwards, which confused me lots.  Green 3.7km 115m 35:56.  I helped collect in controls and the end of the event, but in rushing off forgot my compass!!  This led to an interesting 40min which proved successful apart from one miss which took ages to relocate from.......  Maybe I should practice without a compass in the day first!!!


Five Tors - 6th February 2010

Beautiful day and good event, head willing but legs not after spending the week with a head cold.  So I was surpised to run under 10min/ks.  Course was good although a number of controls could have been removed as they seemed surplus to requirements sometimes less is more.  So Brown 8.6km 270m 82:23.  Managed to catch up with the family on the yellow course in time to see Abbie (4) jump into stream before control and fill her wellies!!! This was the first time out for Abbie and Erryn's Christmas SI Dibbers and they managed to complete the course in exactly the same time.

Polly Joke - 31st January 2010

Brown 7.5km 87:00
Nice course made great use of the sand dunes, Polly Joke always seems to catch me out possibly because of the change from fast terrain into more technical terrain.  Still an enjoyable event.  Dunes frozen so not to soft under foot.

Virtuous Lady North 30th Jan 10 - Night Event

3.9km 150m
Really good night event on a really small area just goes to show that you dont need vast areas for these small event.  Very cold clear night.  Looking forward to the results.