Odds and Evens - Devon Orienteering Club Championships

I thought the opportunity to have a run on this dual map had disappeared, when I took up the challenge of planning the 2011 Tamar Triple event on these maps.  Fortunately the wheels of change turn slowly in Devon and the mining company have yet to start dumping the waste from the proposed Tungsten mine.  I was determined to get a run even with the remnants of a lingering annoying cold.  I knew that however big a task it looked on the map it was going to be possible to clear the lot for the top runners, but would I be able to scrape in under the time limit?  I started on evens and the big decision was soon upon me at #58, could I justify going out #60. I was only 8 minutes in and running OK.  I made the decision not to, but would I regret it?  I turned back to collect the remaining evens on the Wheal Florence section and was happy to be pretty accurate all down the map.  At #40 I actually started out to #35, before remembering the transition control that had to be visited, 21.55 gone.  Feeling pretty rough now but determined to clean up the rest of the controls, off I went on the 1:10000 map, which plays with your head a bit after the 1:2500.  Again clean, but slowing badly by the time I hit the 1:2500 map for the last time.  Happy to finish in 57:21 missing only one control and 6th/44, 4 runners cleared the course.