Devon Orienteering Club - Smallhanger Waste 5th December 2010

A beautiful, bright winters day,and ideal running conditions for an Orienteering event.  I have run here at least once a year for the last 10 years so you know what your going to get, sets of controls in the complex area in the centre of the map and fast (not for me) runners controls to set those legs up.  Having said that I always enjoy running here.  It was nice to have controls on the features and not hidden which seems to becoming the norm, even if that does mean you can see some of them from a distance.  Now to my run, a clean if slow run apart from a slight wobble at 4 when I used the wrong attack point and dropped short and then a massive cock up to 16 when who knows what happened.  But I finished in 10 min K's so pretty happy. Still some what if's, but aren't there always!!  That was my last orienteering event of the year as I am off to NZ for some warm weather training, well OK a holiday!

Have a great christmas, hope to see you in the forest in 2011.