15th December 2008 - Hashing

Fast run on open moorland, clear skies and impressive moon rise. Managed to mostly find the false trails, but enjoyed the run back through the pack. Cold night glad I put my leggings on....not as brave as some of them.


8th December 08 - Mountain Biking and Hashing

So work today consisted of a 9km bike ride, from Dunnabridge across to Bellever, down to Bellever Village and return via Laughter Hole. Really good day, legs feeling a little dead from the weekend.
9km MTB
Evening hash in Plymouth it's been a long time since I hashed in city but really enjoyed it, with the hare making good use of the woods around Crownhill and Derriford. Nice bits of bramble to add to the battle scars from the weekend....

7th December 08 - Orienteering

It all had all fallen apart by number two or so I thought, try to go direct through the undergrowth screen, unfortunatly it should have been fight, with man eating brambles to contend with and a 13min leg. So for the rest of the course there was no pressure. An anoxious wait until Barry came in to find that he had suffered the same fait to number 2, and I had beaten him by nearly three minutes. To confuse matters more someone did it 7mins faster than me so not sure what happens now so will have to wait and see. It all comes down to which scores people discard etc. But all in all an enjoyable weekend.

6.8km 69min 42secs

6th December 08 - Orienteering

Blue 5.7km 240m One of my favourite areas, and I would have run Brown but I am running tomorrow as well. Excellent course slightly spoilt by two misplaced controls, and one control box that wasn't working with no back up punch........ but all in all a good run in the sunshine. Not sure of results as I hope control two will be removed.

December 5th 2008 - Green Light for London Marathon

Got green light today to start training for the London Marathon and everything is in place. Will start training next week, I am training to get around comfortably, that said I would love to get inside 10min miles so that gives me a target of around 4hrs 20min...........but just to get around will be good enough. I have decided to run for a local charity Jeremiah's Journey and hope to raise over £1000.

December 1st 2008 - Hashing

Hashed from Lowery Cross this week and the hare made good use of the local terrain. We had some good bits of Moorland and Woodland to contend with. And to cap it all clear skies and great views of the stars.