26th November 08 - Road Run

Checked out the route from work to near home, for my Marathon Training which, I will be starting in December........ I hope. It ended up being longer than I thought at around 8.5km. So probably 10km home. I think it will be a good route for those longer midweek runs. Only problem is that I can see myself getting bored of road running!! Anyway no real problems apart from trainers giving me hassle, but that maybe because they are new, lets hope so. Marathon seems a long a way in time and ability!!!

1 Hour

24th November 2008 - Hashing

Good evening to be out and about on Dartmoor, the clear skies made for a cold run, but great views over the South Hams. Started from East Rook Gate, North of Cornwood, Rover did a good job, and it was a really enjoyable run.

17th November 2008 - Hashing

Beast of a Hash from Car Park below Yar Tor. Nice bit of Dartmoor wind and rain. difficult to follow trail but when isn't it........


15th November 08 - Orienteering Dartmoor

My first Brown for a while, but on open moorland which is always a favourite for me . Running speed as always kept me rooted lower in the results than I would like. I am hoping that my Marathon Training which I am due to start in December will have the added benifit of adding a little more speed and endurance to my orienteering. But I was still happy with under 10min Km's as there were 22 controls in 7.4km and 235m climb. All that in an area of less than 2km x 2km.

Results http://www.orienteeringindevon.org.uk/devonoc/kingtor08.html

Happy today as didn't make it to Cornwall event but Barry was beaten, which keeps the dreams alive for winning the Blue course at this years Forest League. But its going to be close......

Run Sixteen - Hash

Blast over near clearbrook, really enjoyed it. Although a little on the short side.

Starting to put training programme together for London Marathon!!!! Why do I do these things....???