Devon and Cornwall Night League at Saltram House - 30th January

Hobbled around this nice little course yesterday evening, thought the planner did a good job in the total lack of terrain, it must have made planning difficult. Managed to get around in the 4.9km course in 55:45.  Just one bad control, number 9 where I headed back as I thought I has missed it in a patch of unmapped fight!  If I could get my left leg sorted then I might be running quite well!

Quantock Orienteers Night Orienteering - Bridgwater

So I found myself in Bridgwater for the WNL/QOAD leagues urban night event, a 1 hr score event.  After the recent wet weather I was glad to get a run in dry conditions.  After meeting in the comfort of a city centre coffee shop, it was time to venture out into Bridgwater so see what was on offer.  After getting the map I was struck by the complexity of an urban score, in the forest I can generally see a route and find it easy to have a big plan to adjust on the way around.  It's definitely not that clear in an urban setting. I quickly decided to just go for it and figure it out on the way with the overall goal to get all the 30, 40 and 50 pointers.   So off north to 101 a 10 pointer, no issues, decided on safe route to 122 to really get into the map.  Beautiful run past the docks full of narrow boats, one of the great things about urban orienteering is you get to visit places you haven't thought about going before. Out and back to 115 going OK, trying to keep it steady as haven't run for  a while due to a persistent calf problem.  Poor route choice south to 112 literally went around the houses, and poorly executed as well.  123 easy then the longest 75m control ever to 127, ran passed on the canal path but made sure on the way back. Straight forward to 121 27 minutes gone.  Decided to miss the 10 pointer by the canal, so to the 40 pointer 126, no issues, on the way search the map for the remaining 50 and 40 pointers.  Through 111 and off road to the 50 pointer 128 on the Meads.  18 minutes left time to head for home, the run across the Meads was soul destroying, the wet boggy ground sapping any remaining strength, starting to wonder if I am going to make it back in time!   Out of bounds on the road to the north starting to worry me.  Time to get my skates on. Down the canal path through the 30 pointer (124), take the 10 pointer (110) to the north or not? Decide to go for it, lack of running showing now.  110 tick, 106 tick then struggle to the finish.  It was great to get back to coffee#1, for a hot chocolate, bite to eat and the all important debrief, this how orienteering should be!  What a great area for a race, I really enjoyed it.  Thanks to all those who put it on especially the planner Gavin who gave us lots to think about.