Bike Two - Well OK then 1b

As I thought it was up hill and summer seems to have arrived at the same time..... It's hot, hot, hot........... 1hr 12mins back, I reakon I'll get that down to under an hour with practice, the last 2km nearly killed me, heart upto 170. At least no problems with it going mad. Now must go and write a letter to the boss about showers.........

1hr 12min

Bike One

So a Saturday at work and a 1000 start, a good time to see how long it takes to ride to work, now that my daughter is going to nursery with Helen I will be able to ride and run to/from work a bit more. Not long as it turns out the scenic route 16km and only 55mins. However did get passed by some unlikely looking commuters, which means the only way is up. Just like the ride home!!!!


Run Six - Hashing

Seems like last weeks problem has a name - which makes it so much better, SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)

Anyway I was back out there tonight with my fellow hashers, did around 50mins in Zone 2. Which meant I was runing fairly steady, well slowly...... No problems with the old heart and things felt good. Still early days, but need to keep it up.


Run Five - Aerobic Zone 2

21st August 2008

The aim of the session was do an Aerobic Zone 2 workout. So between 40-60min with heart rate between 133 - 151. It took a while to get the pace right, but was going well until about 15mins in when my heart rate jumped to 185 without warning. Now I have this happen occasionally before, but never when wearing my monitor so I was a bit shocked. Stopped for a while and managed to get my heart rate back to 140 and continued to walk, but soon realise that I was not going to be able to continue. I walked home, but even walking my heart rate got up to 170 on even the slightest hill. When I got home my wife did some black magic on me and manged to get my rate down from 140 to 70 in a matter of 30secs. I suppose that's the benefit of having a Doctor in the house. She has also given me a few tips to counter act this problem if (when) it happens again. I think this happen because I wasn't feeling 100%, so I will rest up this weekend and get back to it on Monday/Tuesday.

Run Four - Moorland Run

Well tonight was the night to check out my max heart rate, so off I went for 55min run (Ingra Tor, Leedon Tor, Sharpitor, Peek Hill). Got nearly back to the car and nice little hill to do some hill reps. Managed to get my heart rate up to 178, now I am not sure whether that is good or bad so I will have to investigate more, here are my training zones.

Zone Heart Rate Benefits

Aerobic 1 115-133 Increased base aerobic conditioning, fat burning ability and general endurance.

Aerobic 2 133 - 151 Sustained aerobic exercise, helps to develop aerobic energy system and cardiovascular system.

Aerobic 3 151 -167 High intensity aerobic exercise, enables the body to become accustomed to working at high aerobic intensity.

Threshold 167-174 Develops ability to exercise at 'anaerobic threshold' for sustained period of time.

Interval 170-178 Develops tolerance to lactic acid and raises VO2 maximum.

information taken from


Run Three - Orienteering

Just a local event at Coldrenick, nr Menheniot but nice to be out Orienteering for the first time in a while. This was a 75min score event where you only had seven of the controls marked on the map. When you reached the control there was a map showing two or three other controls. The idea was to visit as many of the controls as possible. I had never orienteering like this before, but I really enjoyed the event. I thought that I might feel the long run on thursday, but this didn't seem to be a problem. Wished I had taken my Heart Rate Monitor. Have read a good article on how to use it, so may go out tomorrow evening and try to find out maxium heart rate!!! Sounds like that might hurt!!!
6.7km (Straight Line)

Run Two - Burrator Round

14th August 08

Burrator Round: Quarry Car Park - Yennadon Down - Lowery Cross - Peek Hill - Sharpitor - Leather Tor - Down Tor - Combshead Tor - Sheeps Tor - Quarry Car Park.

Had really good run, longest since SLMM in early July.

Getting there but still "I need to train"

13.2km 500m

Run One

Hashed with Drake Hash House Harriers from the Dartmoor Inn, Lydford. It felt OK, hills still a struggle, took heart rate monitor, must find out how to use it.

The Start

Well this blog will hopefully motivate me to get out and do some training. I have had a kick up the bum recently when on two events I failed to run past RH, so what you might say well RH is 60+ a good orienteer but on the tracks I should be going past him as I am 36. So it turns out that I have to start training or at least get out there and do some exercise or I am in danger of not enjoying my Orienteering or Mountain Marathons. So today it starts...................



8hr Adventure Race - October

OMM - October

London Marathon April 09

fingers crossed, here goes