SW Champs - Haytor Dartmoor

19th September 2009

South West Champs

Haytor, Dartmoor

Brown (M35L)

8.5km  410m  2hr 04min 18secs


Now I am not sure why it was a called a Brown course because it wasn’t like any Brown course I have run before.  But it was like an M35L course and was tough and with the weather being hot especially in the valley and in amongst the bracken (of which there was plenty).  So why compare it with a brown course and not just call it course 2 (which they did as well).  I seemed to have the most difficulty in amongst the tors and found interpreting the rocky features a nightmare, losing most of my time on controls 14 and 22.  So I was surprised to be around mid way in the results 12th/22.  Now I am looking forward to seeing routegadet later this week.


Results http://www.devonorienteering.co.uk/