15th December 2008 - Hashing

Fast run on open moorland, clear skies and impressive moon rise. Managed to mostly find the false trails, but enjoyed the run back through the pack. Cold night glad I put my leggings on....not as brave as some of them.


8th December 08 - Mountain Biking and Hashing

So work today consisted of a 9km bike ride, from Dunnabridge across to Bellever, down to Bellever Village and return via Laughter Hole. Really good day, legs feeling a little dead from the weekend.
9km MTB
Evening hash in Plymouth it's been a long time since I hashed in city but really enjoyed it, with the hare making good use of the woods around Crownhill and Derriford. Nice bits of bramble to add to the battle scars from the weekend....

7th December 08 - Orienteering

It all had all fallen apart by number two or so I thought, try to go direct through the undergrowth screen, unfortunatly it should have been fight, with man eating brambles to contend with and a 13min leg. So for the rest of the course there was no pressure. An anoxious wait until Barry came in to find that he had suffered the same fait to number 2, and I had beaten him by nearly three minutes. To confuse matters more someone did it 7mins faster than me so not sure what happens now so will have to wait and see. It all comes down to which scores people discard etc. But all in all an enjoyable weekend.

6.8km 69min 42secs

6th December 08 - Orienteering

Blue 5.7km 240m One of my favourite areas, and I would have run Brown but I am running tomorrow as well. Excellent course slightly spoilt by two misplaced controls, and one control box that wasn't working with no back up punch........ but all in all a good run in the sunshine. Not sure of results as I hope control two will be removed.

December 5th 2008 - Green Light for London Marathon

Got green light today to start training for the London Marathon and everything is in place. Will start training next week, I am training to get around comfortably, that said I would love to get inside 10min miles so that gives me a target of around 4hrs 20min...........but just to get around will be good enough. I have decided to run for a local charity Jeremiah's Journey and hope to raise over £1000.

December 1st 2008 - Hashing

Hashed from Lowery Cross this week and the hare made good use of the local terrain. We had some good bits of Moorland and Woodland to contend with. And to cap it all clear skies and great views of the stars.


26th November 08 - Road Run

Checked out the route from work to near home, for my Marathon Training which, I will be starting in December........ I hope. It ended up being longer than I thought at around 8.5km. So probably 10km home. I think it will be a good route for those longer midweek runs. Only problem is that I can see myself getting bored of road running!! Anyway no real problems apart from trainers giving me hassle, but that maybe because they are new, lets hope so. Marathon seems a long a way in time and ability!!!

1 Hour

24th November 2008 - Hashing

Good evening to be out and about on Dartmoor, the clear skies made for a cold run, but great views over the South Hams. Started from East Rook Gate, North of Cornwood, Rover did a good job, and it was a really enjoyable run.

17th November 2008 - Hashing

Beast of a Hash from Car Park below Yar Tor. Nice bit of Dartmoor wind and rain. difficult to follow trail but when isn't it........


15th November 08 - Orienteering Dartmoor

My first Brown for a while, but on open moorland which is always a favourite for me . Running speed as always kept me rooted lower in the results than I would like. I am hoping that my Marathon Training which I am due to start in December will have the added benifit of adding a little more speed and endurance to my orienteering. But I was still happy with under 10min Km's as there were 22 controls in 7.4km and 235m climb. All that in an area of less than 2km x 2km.

Results http://www.orienteeringindevon.org.uk/devonoc/kingtor08.html

Happy today as didn't make it to Cornwall event but Barry was beaten, which keeps the dreams alive for winning the Blue course at this years Forest League. But its going to be close......

Run Sixteen - Hash

Blast over near clearbrook, really enjoyed it. Although a little on the short side.

Starting to put training programme together for London Marathon!!!! Why do I do these things....???

Bike Eleven

Wednesday 29th October 2008

Bike into work on the first really cold morning, with clear skies and a beautiful day ahead. Feet got really cold, might need to wear thicker sock or peddle faster, find socks I think. Then out with a group to Bellever Forest for a short ride 9km, weather still good but cold especially at the slow pace. Looking forward ride home to test new front light, but annoyed to see rain falling. Go for it and but not an enjoyable experience and turned into a bit of a slog. Feet cold and wet............ thinking about removing feet.....


Run Fifteen - OMM

Check it out were famous, upset a few people cool Oh well. There is always next year!!!! Anyone need an explanation of why we do it, check this out......


Time to start training for the London Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run 14 - Hashing 20th October 2008

Great wet, gorse filled, muddy hash, gotta love it

On On to the OMM

Run 13 - 19 October 08

Orienteering - Polly Joke. Went well think I got a little lazy on the last few controls and got beaten by 17secs by Barry. I'll be back bring on the OMM.

Bike Ten - In only

17th October
Training seems to be paying off as I set new PB for journey into work today....... 47min 10secs would have been faster but for a bus and fish van holding me up on the Hoe. Feeling good.

Bike Nine - Records

15th October
Good ride in today didn't feel that fast so suprised to see that it was a new PB 49min 44secs. Was looking forward to ride back as weather was due to improve unfortunatly it did but then started to rain as I got on my bike maybe thats what pushed me on to a second PB of the day 1hr01min24sec, 1hr barrier in sight.......... Hope fitness translates to Mountain Marathon next week.


Monday 13th October 2008

Hashing great to be running, first time since the Adventure Race. Really good hash from Merrivale, plenty of ups and down, bogs, rivers, all the ingredients of an excellent hash.


Saturday 4th October 08

Dynamic Adventure Racing - Endurance Event. 8hr score event in the Quantocks see http://www.dynamicadventureracing.co.uk/endurance/results.php for results. Spent 4.5hrs out on Mountain Bikes covering around 38km, then just over 3 hrs out on foot covering about 12km (not enough) but we did alright coming 10th/24th and 3rd male pair. As normal Oly ran me ragged, including lying to me about how much time we had left and pushing me all the way to the finish, even when 100m from the finish I got cramp. Only to find that we had five minutes left......... Now looking forward to OMM at the end of the month.

38km bike
12km run
7hr 55min

Friday 3rd October 2008

Post today from London Marathon organisers, looked like all the rest so I assumed it was another rejection...... but even worse it was an acceptance, now I really do need to train.................................................................. not sure how I feel about all that.

Bike Eight - Snorkel Sandwich

Wednesday 1st October 2008

Had a really good day, today, managed the ride to work in a new record time of 50min 58 secs. Then we went to Cawsands and spent 2 hours Snorkelling. I did think I wouldn't be up for much on the way home but really felt great and got back in 1hr 02min 12secs. All in all a good day with two new fastest times and the one hour mark getting closer.

Now looking forward the Adventure Race on Saturday.


Run Ten - Hashing

29th September 2008

Bit tentative tonight, probably because it was the first time I have run in the dark for a while, plus the adventure race on the weekend. Great hash anyway plenty of river crossings to get everyone moaning. Ran OK but cold still hanging on, hopefully it will have gone by the weekend.


Bike Seven - Summers Here!!!

What a great ride in, but a long time since my last exercise!! Summer is most deffinatly here at long last. No really problems today although I couldn't catch a runner on the last hill which was a little embarassing, oh well at least I did ride up the hill without stopping. Nothing on this weekend but only two weeks to the Adventure Race!!!!!!!
2hrs 05min

Bike Six - One Fall, One Submission

Thursday 11th September 08

So back to back there and backs, if you get my drift. Weather much kinder today, unlike the other bikers out there that kept coming zooming past. Oh well. I had a little fall today after a van passed me in a narrow lane near home. I pulled in to let him past and left the road into a small ditch when I tried to ride out I failed and over I went. Again no one watching, and no damage done, getting quite competant at falling off. Then the submission had to stop half way up the final hill to collect my thought, well I was nackered..... Hopefully a rest at the weekend, and I will be fit to try again next week.

I still need to train................................

Bike Five - Game of Two Halves

Nice ride in this morning sun shinning, no wind, well some but that's a different blog. All's well legs OK. But about 15min before I leave to ride home the weather reverts back to type for this summer and the monsoon continues. So a ride home in the wet, but not as bad as I thought, as the wind was behind me so quite a fast trip all in all. Legs feeling the effects of the morning ride and the last hill up to home is still proving a hill to far. Having said all that I was still home in 1hr 4mins. May do first back to back trip tomorrow, but I will wait until I commit........
1hr 57min

Run Nine - Hashing

My turn to lay the trail, so out I went a 1700 and bashed around the moors for two hours, then out for another hour with the hash. Not a bad evening out, I am going to call it a Zone One run as you can call any movement that. It was good hash and the first I have laid on my own for a while. The nights are drawing in and this led to discussions about bike lights for my journey to and from work, which takes includes a cycle trail through a valley which gets very dark. £150 apparently gets you a good bike light!! So I know that's not a goer so I need to come up with a different plan. Have to get my thinking cap on. Meanwhile it's back on the bike tomorrow...........


Run Eight - Orienteering

Orienteering at Craddock Moor today near Liskeard, Cornwall. Not been feeling great, slight cold and just feeling generally tired. So wasn't expecting much today. As I committed myself to the Blue course earlier in the season I didn't really have a choice of course, which I was glad as the brown was 9km. I messed up early on and I expected that would mean my chances of winning were pretty well gone early on, which is never the best feeling. The rest of course went ok if a little untidy at a couple of controls. The running part was OK but I still lack basic speed, although I did feel stronger on some of the hills.

61min 10secs
Questions, Questions, Questions

Will the cycling add to overall running speed?
Should I use my heart rate monitor when competing?
I am I getting fitter?
How do I tell?
Have I lost any weight?
Do I need to weigh myself?
Should I just bin it all, go to the pub and take up Darts?

Bike Four - There and Back

Tough one today it was really hard work. Into a head wind this morning and just plain knackered this evening. So now it's time for a rest until Sunday and Orienteering, might even treat myself to a beer or ten.
2hr 18min

Bike Three - Follow the Rainbow

Nice ride home, highlight was the rainbow that I followed along the emankment. Thought my new shoes were going to take me to a pot of gold, but no such luck. Really liked the new kit, getting feet clipped to peddles easier than I thought and getting them out was OK. Well until I got home when forgot all about them and fell off, narrowly missing my car. Had a good look around and seems like I got away with it. Apart from dented pride and bloody knee!!!!

Legs felt a little heavy to start with but thanks to new shoes and a following wind I managed to set a new world record of 1hr 5mins. 1hr mark in sight.............
1hr 5mins

New Shoes

Well today I took the plunge and brought some new bike shoes and peddles, http://www.bigpeaks.com/ now I am not sure that attaching myself to my bike is going to be a good idea, but I’ll give it a go. My first outing will be tonight, when I ride home…….probably riding through Plymouth in rush hour isn’t the best way to get used to them, but you have got to start somewhere.

Cross your fingers................

Bike Two - First Ride of Autumn!! + Run Seven - Hashing First Run of Winter!!!!

Rode into work again, tried a different route in which was OK but a little slower. Or was that the wind and the traffic, who knows, not used to exercising so early, but some tunes and the thought of an interesting day at work were great motivators. Not riding home today as Hashing tonight see http://www.drakeh3.blogspot.com/ , will ride home tomorrow night.
Well hashing tonight was more like acclimatisation for the OMM than training, beautiful Dartmoor weather, mist, rain and wind not always in that order. Under foot was pretty much the same, well mud, china clay and more mud. I took it easy, and had a steady run. Looking forward to Orienteering on Sunday…………. Hope RH runs the same course.

Bike Two - Well OK then 1b

As I thought it was up hill and summer seems to have arrived at the same time..... It's hot, hot, hot........... 1hr 12mins back, I reakon I'll get that down to under an hour with practice, the last 2km nearly killed me, heart upto 170. At least no problems with it going mad. Now must go and write a letter to the boss about showers.........

1hr 12min

Bike One

So a Saturday at work and a 1000 start, a good time to see how long it takes to ride to work, now that my daughter is going to nursery with Helen I will be able to ride and run to/from work a bit more. Not long as it turns out the scenic route 16km and only 55mins. However did get passed by some unlikely looking commuters, which means the only way is up. Just like the ride home!!!!


Run Six - Hashing

Seems like last weeks problem has a name - which makes it so much better, SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)

Anyway I was back out there tonight with my fellow hashers, did around 50mins in Zone 2. Which meant I was runing fairly steady, well slowly...... No problems with the old heart and things felt good. Still early days, but need to keep it up.


Run Five - Aerobic Zone 2

21st August 2008

The aim of the session was do an Aerobic Zone 2 workout. So between 40-60min with heart rate between 133 - 151. It took a while to get the pace right, but was going well until about 15mins in when my heart rate jumped to 185 without warning. Now I have this happen occasionally before, but never when wearing my monitor so I was a bit shocked. Stopped for a while and managed to get my heart rate back to 140 and continued to walk, but soon realise that I was not going to be able to continue. I walked home, but even walking my heart rate got up to 170 on even the slightest hill. When I got home my wife did some black magic on me and manged to get my rate down from 140 to 70 in a matter of 30secs. I suppose that's the benefit of having a Doctor in the house. She has also given me a few tips to counter act this problem if (when) it happens again. I think this happen because I wasn't feeling 100%, so I will rest up this weekend and get back to it on Monday/Tuesday.

Run Four - Moorland Run

Well tonight was the night to check out my max heart rate, so off I went for 55min run (Ingra Tor, Leedon Tor, Sharpitor, Peek Hill). Got nearly back to the car and nice little hill to do some hill reps. Managed to get my heart rate up to 178, now I am not sure whether that is good or bad so I will have to investigate more, here are my training zones.

Zone Heart Rate Benefits

Aerobic 1 115-133 Increased base aerobic conditioning, fat burning ability and general endurance.

Aerobic 2 133 - 151 Sustained aerobic exercise, helps to develop aerobic energy system and cardiovascular system.

Aerobic 3 151 -167 High intensity aerobic exercise, enables the body to become accustomed to working at high aerobic intensity.

Threshold 167-174 Develops ability to exercise at 'anaerobic threshold' for sustained period of time.

Interval 170-178 Develops tolerance to lactic acid and raises VO2 maximum.

information taken from http://www.sleepmonsters.co.uk/training.php?article_id=190


Run Three - Orienteering

Just a local event at Coldrenick, nr Menheniot but nice to be out Orienteering for the first time in a while. This was a 75min score event where you only had seven of the controls marked on the map. When you reached the control there was a map showing two or three other controls. The idea was to visit as many of the controls as possible. I had never orienteering like this before, but I really enjoyed the event. I thought that I might feel the long run on thursday, but this didn't seem to be a problem. Wished I had taken my Heart Rate Monitor. Have read a good article on how to use it, so may go out tomorrow evening and try to find out maxium heart rate!!! Sounds like that might hurt!!!
6.7km (Straight Line)

Run Two - Burrator Round

14th August 08

Burrator Round: Quarry Car Park - Yennadon Down - Lowery Cross - Peek Hill - Sharpitor - Leather Tor - Down Tor - Combshead Tor - Sheeps Tor - Quarry Car Park.

Had really good run, longest since SLMM in early July.

Getting there but still "I need to train"

13.2km 500m

Run One

Hashed with Drake Hash House Harriers from the Dartmoor Inn, Lydford. It felt OK, hills still a struggle, took heart rate monitor, must find out how to use it.

The Start

Well this blog will hopefully motivate me to get out and do some training. I have had a kick up the bum recently when on two events I failed to run past RH, so what you might say well RH is 60+ a good orienteer but on the tracks I should be going past him as I am 36. So it turns out that I have to start training or at least get out there and do some exercise or I am in danger of not enjoying my Orienteering or Mountain Marathons. So today it starts...................



8hr Adventure Race - October

OMM - October

London Marathon April 09

fingers crossed, here goes