Cornwall Orienteering Club Summer Series - Lanhydrock

Yesterday saw the final event in the clubs 2012 Summer Series, and was run alongside a fun day at the National Trusts property at Lanhydrock.  The fun day was in full flow when we arrived with lots a people taking part in the clubs maze.  The format for my course was a first for me.  There were 12 control to visited in order (201 - 212) and you had to visit all other controls marked on the map, making 30 in total.  You could dip in and out of the line course as you wanted.  It made for a really interesting racing and although you kept meeting people on the course they always seemed to have a slightly different take on the route choices.  I was very happy with my choices, and was pleased to finish in just under 52mins covering 6.4km.


Dartmoor Runners 90 Minute Score Event

For my last couple of runs I have been running an old Dartmoor Runners 90 minute score event from last December.  Unfortunately I didn't get to the event but I managed to get hold of the map from a friend and it's been sitting waiting for me give it a go ever since.  Last week I managed to give it ago but although I managed to cover 11.85km in 92min I scored, with penalties 35 points.  So I was determined to get back on the horse so to speak and give it another go.  

Today an unexpected opportunity gave me another chance and off I went.  It was an ideal day for running hot but with a cooling breeze.  I managed 12.56km in just under 89mins and scored a more impressive 65 points and more to the point had an excellent run over terrain I wouldn't otherwise run.  My track can be found on my endomondo site.  The actual race was won with 75 points so was happy to get so close, even though it was my second attempt.  Feel free to give it a go Map of the Score Checkpoints can be found via the link on a google map.  If you beat 65 let me know, remember time starts and finishes at the car park, don't be late!!

More info on Dartmoor Runner can be found here.

On to Rio 2016

Firstly I would like to say thank you to my couch for the support over the last few weeks, it's been a tough time. My performance during the Olympic's has been enhanced by the technology I have surrounded myself with, namely my Apple IPad, Sky+, Twitter, and the amazing BBC website, with these I would be nothing.  I also managed to experience the Olympic atmosphere live in Weymouth, and at the North Greenwich Arena, amazing experiences.  I will now be taking some time away from the TV and thinking about the committment I can make to Rio 2016, but I am sure I will be back in some form.  My final thanks go to the organisers, volunteers, athletes, commentators and supporters who have made this an amazing two weeks.  Now has anyone seen my running shoes?