Cornish Gold - 13th - 14th April 2013

Urban Race - Saturday Evening

St Ives on a moist Cornish evening, from the car park you could at times you make out the wind swept headland "the Island".  What to wear was the first dilemma, but the heavy rain as I was about to go to the start persuaded me to put on a cag.  I had an open start time so I slotted in on a vacant space to find James Hargreaves queuing behind me, with a two minute gap I wondered how long it would be before he went past.  My time came to start and on opening the map, my first thought was where the hell is number one, my eyes scanned north up the map and finally arrived at the site of the control and off I went no plan just making it up as I went along! Not the best route choice but moving well.  Simple route choice to #2 enjoying the music and confused looking public on route.  I have to confess that I don't remember all the route choices, as they blurred a little bit and my GPS track wasn't the best.  Into #5 decision across the beach, or a convoluted route on the road.  Took the baywatch option! Half way to #6 I regretted it, soft sand was slapping my will to live, but you make your choice you have to live with it.  Also regretting wearing a cag, it hadn't rained since leaving the car park? Into #6 and James is punching ahead of me, surprised it took him that long! Breathing hard I opt for the up and over option to #7, what was I thinking! Pass the Tate, just before #12 but even being the great art lover decide not to stop.  Take the windiest back street option to #13, well might as well see all of the town now I am here.  The wind is howling as I approach #19, stay high to #20 long grass makes me wish I dropped straight down to the lower path.  The control at 20 is out of control, I catch the box, punch and get out of there, wonder if it will survive the night.  Back into town now and steepest steps yet before #23 nearly finish me off, was tempted to have a rest but someone's was waiting for me to get to the top! More steps at #25/26, speed really ebbing from my legs, through last control and push up the final set of steps.  Knackered, but grinning from ear to ear, that was brilliant.  The navigation is easy on these events, but making good route choices at speed, thats the real skill.  I got around the 6.6km 230m in 55min 03sec, 15th/22.  

JK2013 - 29th March - 1st April 2013

The JK2013 was a true festival of orienteering and had everything you could want from a big event.  Its been a while since the event but reflecting back on I had a three good solid runs on the classic events and relay, but was disappointed with my sprint run.  I had decided to go for bust but never really recovered the confidence needed after a poor first control, and even slight hesitations cost you in this format.  However I still enjoyed the format and the race, but left a little jealous of Reading University who have an amazing campus.  

The classic races were really enjoyable although I stood on the start line with trepidation as I realised that I would be running on a 1:15000 map, something I haven't done for some time.  I shouldn't have worried as it was a really clear map and once into the scale and had no problems over the two days.

The JK relays are always a bit of fun, this year more so as the Kerno 'B' Team took on the might of Kerno 'A' in the Men's senior relay.  I was on the lead leg and was surprised to bring the B team back in the lead, was an upset on the cards?  Graham Pring kept the lead on the second leg and at the spectator control on the last leg Steve Eastley still had a slim lead.  At the finish it was Kerno A's Phil Newell who appeared out of the forest first to take the glory, just over a minute and half in front of Kerno B. A great weekend of racing, in some beautiful countryside.  Now working on getting permission for next years JK in South Wales.          

2.2km 15m 20min 29secs 43rd/61
11.3km 495m 97min32secs 39th/57
10.5km 275m 97min9sec 29/51

6.5km 285m 47min 58secs 28th/50

JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1
JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1
JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1
JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1JK 2013 - Day 1
JK2013, a set on Flickr.