7 Tors

Another gentle run on the moors, well that was the plan.  First off the short run to Mel Tor with it's great views into the River Dart valley and over to Bench Tor.  Bench Tor stands at a similar height and less than a Km away, but it is vicious decent and ascent.  Then a blast down Dr Blackall's Drive to Aish Tor, and the small cairn that marks the lack of any sort of Tor.  Next I descended and crossed the road and made the short run to Leigh Tor .  After a little time on the summit, I turned and retraced my steps around Aish Tor, across Mel Tor and onwards towards Luckey Tor .  It was soon obvious that the easiest route would be to descend to the river and follow it to below Luckey Tor.  I was glad I did as it turned out that the most spectacular views of the Tor were from below.  The Tor rises up nearly vertically from the valley floor.  I quickly scrambled up the west flank and cut myself a path to the summit through the bracken.  Once off the Tor I looked for some sort of path west to get around the private land before heading to Sharp Tor.  But it was impossible and I was faced with no option but to return to Mel Tor, then take the path through to Sharp Tor.  Onwards to Yar Tor, now the rain had really set in so I quickly turned for Corndon Tor then descend for the run to the car.  I really enjoyable run with contrasting Tors, unfortunately I managed to forget Hockinston Tor deep in the valley, maybe I will be brave and combine that with a Bench Tor, Combestone Tor to make circuit!!  Who knows.   

Next up the 5 Days of Orienteering in the Lake District

Cornwall OC - Coldrenick Local Event 15th August 2010

I had a really bad run, hopefully that means it's out of the way before I hit the Lakes for 5 Days of high class orienteering!!!  Bit scared and excited all at the same time......


Backout Running

Got away for a good run, out on Hameldown and took the opportunity to visit some more Tors and Hill Tops on my list (see www.dartmoortors.blogspot.com ) Only planned to get out for an hour but felt good so extended it to go out to Shapley Tor.

Check out my new blog, but don't stop following this one!

Just to let anyone following this blog that I have a new blog which can be found at www.dartmoortors.blogspot.com link. This will be log of my attempt to visit all of Dartmoors Tors and Hilltops as listed in "Walking the Tors and Hilltops of Dartmoor" by A.D. Johnson. He created a list of 190 points within the National Park Boundary as based on the OS Landranger 1:25000 Map. I have all ready found a number of addittions to that list and would welcome any other that people know about. It is my intention to run, bike and walk to all of these in the next 12 - 18 months. I will still be undating this blog, with training runs and events so don't stop following. Anyway hope you like the new blog.