Dunmere Woods 26th July 2009

Excellent event today and the planner made the best use of area which has become a little over grown over time. Really nice blast at the end of the course just as the concentration was starting to slip. Looking forward to seeing Route Gadget and comparing splits, as everyone retreated to their cars to get warm and dry straight after their run.

Devon Orienteering Club Harris Relay
19th July 2009

Nice to be back Orienteering after a bit of a break and back on the Moors as well. We entered a two man team into this three person relay, and as my team mate hadn't really orienteered before it was left to me to get the bulk of the controls. 1-6 were manadatory and one member of the team had to visit the other controls. I was happy with my nav apart from getting mixed up at 12 thinking I was at 13 (not sure why) then spending time looking for 10 above small tor. When I realised I shot off to 13 and everything went OK from there. Had a change of plan at 9 and decided on 16, 3, 2 then 8 but met team mate at 2 and he had managed to take in 8 already so we could run for home.
Great event on a nice area. Need to get a extra team member next year!