Devon and Cornwall Double Header 20th and 21st March

This weekend was a weekend of contrasts, Day One Inny very wet bashing throught the trees and Day Two very hot open scrub land.  Really wanted to get these two events under my belt as it would be good to see how I faired on the second with the JK just two weeks away. As it turned out day two was 9.0km 300m, which really was a test and I was surprised to find at download that I had taken 1:33:10, which I was happy with.  Even though it felt an age I was out, I have stopped taking a watch as I just put myself under pressure all the time.  So a few more training runs and I will be all set for the JK!!!

Endomondo Orienteering Workout: "Saturday 20th 10.27 km in 1h:36m:41s using Endomondo."
Endomondo Orienteering Workout: "Sunday 21st - 12.40 km in 1h:46m:45s using Endomondo."