Devon Orienteering Club - Smallhanger Waste 5th December 2010

A beautiful, bright winters day,and ideal running conditions for an Orienteering event.  I have run here at least once a year for the last 10 years so you know what your going to get, sets of controls in the complex area in the centre of the map and fast (not for me) runners controls to set those legs up.  Having said that I always enjoy running here.  It was nice to have controls on the features and not hidden which seems to becoming the norm, even if that does mean you can see some of them from a distance.  Now to my run, a clean if slow run apart from a slight wobble at 4 when I used the wrong attack point and dropped short and then a massive cock up to 16 when who knows what happened.  But I finished in 10 min K's so pretty happy. Still some what if's, but aren't there always!!  That was my last orienteering event of the year as I am off to NZ for some warm weather training, well OK a holiday!

Have a great christmas, hope to see you in the forest in 2011.

Devon and Cornwall Night League - Alder Lake 20th November 2010

First event of 2010/11 Devon and Cornwall Night League.  This was the first event at Alder Lake and it is ideally suited to night orienteering. Unfortuantly my head torch battery took the opportunity to pack up!!  So I had to go out with a small head torch and handheld bike light!!  Took a little while to get into the 1:5000 map, and apart from some time spent off the map and some stuck on a barbwire fence it was a pretty average run on my part,  still a really enjoyable event and a nice evening in the pub.

GPS Track

Virtuous Lady 14th November 2010

Devon Orienteering Club event, main task was to try and stay on your feet long enough to make some forward progress.  This event would not make my top hundred  of orienteering events.  There were limited places to get into the flow of the race, the map was average and not all the controls were in the correct place.  On the way over I nearly stopped to go for a run on the moors, wish I had!  

Quantock Orienteers After Dark - 13 November 2010

Great event tonight near Bridgewater. 60 min score event on a small area.  Two colour of controls Red and Blue, you can start on either colour, once you change colour you can't go back.  A little slow to start with as start triangle printed in the wrong place but once I got going it was really enjoyable.  Decided to make the change between the two 50 pointers which seemed to workout OK.  Missed a path with 10 mins to go so headed cross country pop out on the path who knows where 8 mins to go, decide to climb the hill hope to either hit the crag straight on or hit the earth wall and decide left or right!!  Someone was looking down on me and hit the crag dead on.  Headed back down the track for a nice easy run in with 3 minutes to spare.  Great event with a great concept I'll be back for more. 

Original Mountain Marathon 30th/31st October - Dartmoor

Day One

It was a pleasant change lying in bed at home thinking of those making there way to the start line.  But it was soon time to get up and make our way to Okehampton Camp for the start.  The weather was as forecast mild, cloud cover and breezy making for good conditions on Day One.  1009 start and off we went.  Having competed for many years on the Medium Score class we are usually pretty good at quickly sussing out the route for us, but for once this took a little longer.  We quickly ruled out going east as this would have committed us to a long slog west later in the day for little or no reward.  So south we headed on the army ring road picking up a 20 pointer before setting off west to Yes Tor, then a nice run down to Lints Tor.  From Lints we followed the valley south picking up two controls before turning west to Hare Tor.  Reaching Hare Tor with just over half of the six hours gone.  We turned north over Chat Tor, and headed off to Branscombe's Loaf.  We pushed on down the track past Gren Tor, pushing then to give us a bigger buffer at the end for any problems.  Quickly out to Branscombe Loaf, before turning south towards the finish over Great Nodden, Doe Tor and then the run into the finish at Willsworthy Camp.  5hrs 48min 55secs 31km 270 points and 80th/287.  Day One 

It's pretty exposed at Willsworthy and the Tussock capital of the moor, so it was a pitch and hope by the time we got in, we found a spot near Will Hancock (Lying 11th on Day 1).  It turned out that one of the tussocks was in fact a rock, at about 11pm we where going to move the tent but the wind had got up and the rain was really heavy so we chose to suck it and see........ mistake, an uncomfortable night was had not great preparation for a second day on the hill.

Day Two

After a pretty average night in a small tent, the rain stopped long enough for us to pack up and get to the start only 1 minute late.   Off we went back to Doe Tor,  then re-entrant near Great Links, through Kitty Tor to Steng-A-Tor, 1hr 30min gone feeling the burn now.  Rain coming in now, and wind shifted to the east so right in the face.  Along the top of the valley through Branscombe's Loaf, and then the run down to Sourton Tor.  Route choice here, stay south of Shelstone Tor and keep more height to stream junction to east of Homerton Hill or drop into valley early and cross by bridge.  Went for bridge option, glad after seeing this picture up 3 10 pointers above finish, before heading out to East Mill.  Return via ring road to east to give ourselves option of one more control think we need 50mins, have 42, decide against it and make for the finish.  4hr39min07 21km 210points  129th/287. Day Two 

Overall 104th/287

Great results from some great friends:

Elite Class
Shane Ohly and partner                      5th 
Short Score
Will and Rich Kromhout                      1st
Arthur Boyt and Mark Sedge                11th

Medium Score
Will Hannock and Rob Hicks                3rd
Chris Moncaster and James Turner        30th
Nigel Worsey and Partner                    78th
Rob Sneyd and Sarah Middleton            249th

Long Score
Ian Bowles and Richard Sansbury          32nd
Oliver and Carmel Marner                    77th (Carmel First MM)
Hamish Wilson and Su Porter               122nd
Steven Monk and Hannah Wilson-Rudd 137th

C Class
Matt Mitcheson and Brian Cota             127th

Back out after long O

First run since the long O.  Have been suffering from a sore hip after landing funny, running off one of the tors.  So decided to take it easy for a while, don't want to miss the OMM.  It felt good on the run this morning although a little bit of discomfort tonight, but it will have to drop off for me to miss this one.  My run took in Black Hill(104) which is the last of the points in the Hay Tor area of my attempt to visit all the tors and hilltops on Dartmoor, visit my Dartmoor Tors Blog for more info (and to read this again!!).  Looking forward to being able to get back on the main body of the moor after the OMM

GPS Track

Dartmoor Long-O 3rd October 2010

The Friday before was wet, the Saturday was sunny so what would the Sunday hold, over night the rain came down and the wind blew.  The roads on the way to Hound Tor showed the all the signs of a stormy night but the weather looked promising and a patch of blue sky appeared over Haytor Rocks. All looked promising although there was still a stiff breeze.  And so to the start I ventured, an easy first couple of controls is always welcome and then the first climb of the day, legs feeling very average, up and over to control 4, which seemed to be on the veg boundary rather than in the re-entrant,.  Fairly straight forward to 9, but to 10 maybe should have gone North East of the Tor as hard going to the south west.  Another long climb from 10 to 11 no energy now, to 12 and 1hr 45min in.  See Chris Moncaster and James Turner on the way to 12 as I am leaving, always gives me a bit of a incentive to try and hold them off as long as possible.  Nice run down to 13, even have gate opened for me by some walkers, thank you.  Clean to into 13 and start the track run to 14, Chris and James speed pass, not trying keep up with them.  Clean into 14, and quickly out onto the climb, and there are Chris and James 20m above the control they haven't visited yet!  Small victory but nice anyway, doesn't help my climb up to 15 during which Will Hancock runs pass me.  From 15 I try to stay in contact, but not really happening, however a hesitation before the control and I am back with him.  Can't keep it up and let him go, clean into 17, then passed by the Kromhouts, into 18 then finally Chris and James catch me, can't stay with them then hurt hip trying move to quickly over broken ground.  Final climb to Hound Tor hurts but glad to see finish after 17.2km 820m and 3hrs 17min 45secs.  Now resting before the OMM at the end of the month.

Four MoreTors in the Bag

Really beautiful midday on the moors started off cool, until the clouds rolled back and it really started to heat up.  Probably not a day to sit around as still a cold wind, but an ideal day for a run.  Started from Hay Tor car park then down to Bag Tor(148), always feel like a good runner on this stretch but it doesn't last long as soon after Bag Tor you cross the ford and start the 120m climb to Rippon Tor(62).  After the first section of the climb, there is a short respite after the gate, as you follow the wall before the final ascent.  Great views from Rippon Tor in every direction, making it a firm favourite.  Leaving the Trig point I retraced my steps before finding the path over to Saddle Tor(158).  Saddle Tor lives in the shadow of Haytor rocks, and so is much quiter but still has a large chunk of rock at its summit.  Onwards now to Holwell Tor(109) my final Tor of the day, great views from here over to Greator Rocks and Hound Tor.  Looking forward to racing in this area next weekend for the Devon Orienteering Club Long-O .  Finally I turned for the run between Haytor Rocks and down to the Car Park.  7.1km in 55mins.  

South West Orienteering Champs 2010 - Wareham Forest, Dorset

Firstly what amazing weather, blue skies all day and even the northerly wind couldn't ruin it.  When I read the course lengths in the final details I was a little concerned 7.0km 140m is really on the short side and generally that means the forest is tough going.  And it was, but that just meant taking the long way around the paths and diving into the controls, only going straight when you didn't mind taking it easy.  Due to this and the blocks of forests and felled areas the navigation wasn't particularly challenging, just keep map contact and the running under control.  The problem is my running speed on the paths can't match that of others.  But hey maybe one day I'll be the only M35 in the champs and I'll win......................

GPS Track on Endomondo


Orienteering - Devon OC Champs 19th September 10

Devon Orienteering Club Champs one hour school event.  Nice run but feeling the event yesterday in my legs, 7.5km and got in with 45 secs to spare.  

Cornwall OC - Craddock Moor Event 18 Sep10

 Brown course today should have checked the length before venturing to the start as i would have noticed it was 10.4km!!  Normally I would be up for it but not feeling on top form at the moment.  Was surprise to get around in 9 min K's.  Even more surprised that winning time was under an hour!!  Off to Princetown tomorrow for a Devon Event.  Hopefully feel OK in the morning.  Bit jealous of guy competing in City of London O race think I will have to put that one on my list of things to do over 700 ran today! 

See gps track at

7 Tors

Another gentle run on the moors, well that was the plan.  First off the short run to Mel Tor with it's great views into the River Dart valley and over to Bench Tor.  Bench Tor stands at a similar height and less than a Km away, but it is vicious decent and ascent.  Then a blast down Dr Blackall's Drive to Aish Tor, and the small cairn that marks the lack of any sort of Tor.  Next I descended and crossed the road and made the short run to Leigh Tor .  After a little time on the summit, I turned and retraced my steps around Aish Tor, across Mel Tor and onwards towards Luckey Tor .  It was soon obvious that the easiest route would be to descend to the river and follow it to below Luckey Tor.  I was glad I did as it turned out that the most spectacular views of the Tor were from below.  The Tor rises up nearly vertically from the valley floor.  I quickly scrambled up the west flank and cut myself a path to the summit through the bracken.  Once off the Tor I looked for some sort of path west to get around the private land before heading to Sharp Tor.  But it was impossible and I was faced with no option but to return to Mel Tor, then take the path through to Sharp Tor.  Onwards to Yar Tor, now the rain had really set in so I quickly turned for Corndon Tor then descend for the run to the car.  I really enjoyable run with contrasting Tors, unfortunately I managed to forget Hockinston Tor deep in the valley, maybe I will be brave and combine that with a Bench Tor, Combestone Tor to make circuit!!  Who knows.   

Next up the 5 Days of Orienteering in the Lake District

Cornwall OC - Coldrenick Local Event 15th August 2010

I had a really bad run, hopefully that means it's out of the way before I hit the Lakes for 5 Days of high class orienteering!!!  Bit scared and excited all at the same time......


Backout Running

Got away for a good run, out on Hameldown and took the opportunity to visit some more Tors and Hill Tops on my list (see ) Only planned to get out for an hour but felt good so extended it to go out to Shapley Tor.

Check out my new blog, but don't stop following this one!

Just to let anyone following this blog that I have a new blog which can be found at link. This will be log of my attempt to visit all of Dartmoors Tors and Hilltops as listed in "Walking the Tors and Hilltops of Dartmoor" by A.D. Johnson. He created a list of 190 points within the National Park Boundary as based on the OS Landranger 1:25000 Map. I have all ready found a number of addittions to that list and would welcome any other that people know about. It is my intention to run, bike and walk to all of these in the next 12 - 18 months. I will still be undating this blog, with training runs and events so don't stop following. Anyway hope you like the new blog.

Dunmere - 11th April 2010

The 7th event in 10 busy days including the JK, Eden and Wheal Florence.  My legs were certainly feeling the previous events and it felt like a long 5.5km 260m.  So getting around was certainly the order of the day.  So I was suprised to come 3rd in a time of 1:04:02.  It was also a good day for the Lockett Family, with a 3rd for my brother David and 1st for our Children Abbie and Erryn.  Now looking forward to a rest before moving house, then the devon orienteering event at Ashclyst Forest


Route GadgetRoute Gadget

Eden Project Sprint - 8th April 2010

Nice sunny day at the Eden Project down in Cornwall, for this post JK sprint race and a great turn out as well.  My course "Teak" was 3.7km 190m and I took 51.07.  My GPS read 6.1km total distance so as you can see from the map there was little opportuninty  to take the straight line option.  The visit into the Biodomes was intresting but I don't now want to go Orienteering in the tropics!!!!  Great event and look forward to seeing the times of the elite runners as there were at least 4 current British Orienteering Squad members present.

Eden GPS Track

Devon OC - Precision O 7th April 10

4.2km 250m 29 controls 47:39.  Excellent event on a 1:2500 map with 1.25m contours!! look forward to the results.

GPS Track 7th April 10 

JK Day Four - Relay

Relay day of the JK and back to 1:10000 thankfully, and a short course for my poor old legs.  3.4km in 29:14, we finished in 33rd which we were all really pleased with.  Now for some rest before the Devon Event at Wheal Florence on Wednesday and the Cornwall Event at The Eden Project on Thursday...... all go.

Mens Short Relay Results

JK Day Three - Braunton Burrows

 What a difference a day makes, goodbye mud and the rain, hello sanddunes and sunshine.  11.3km today in excellent terrain.  1:15000 difficult to read due the nature of the terrain, but battled around in around 125min. (Waiting for actually result as there is an error due to late start!!)  Anyway fairly happy just need to be more confident in the control circle.  Tomorrow the JK Relay, only 3.2km so nice way to finish the event.

JK Day Three Orienteering:
JK Day Three Results

JK Day 2 - Cookworthy 3rd Apr 2010

Mud, Mud, Mud. As you can see from the state of the map it was incredibly muddy out in the forest today.  We had 9.5km 205m and it felt good if slow. 116min.  I was cautious at first as I haven’t run on a 1:15000 map for a long while.  But soon got into it and enjoyed the experience up to control 20, when tiredness set in  and some silly mistakes started to appear.  On the sand dunes tomorrow at Braunton Burrows plenty of time to enjoy the contour detail as M35L is 11.2km!!!!

M35L Results
Mud, Mud, Mud. As you can see from the state of the map it was incredibly muddy out in the forest today.  We had 9.5km 205m and it felt good if slow. 116min.  I was cautious at first as I haven’t run on a 1:15000 map for a long while.  But soon got into it and enjoyed the experience up to control 20, when tiredness set in  and some silly mistakes started to appear.  On the sand dunes tomorrow at Braunton Burrows plenty of time to enjoy the contour detail as M35L is 11.2km.

JK Sprint - Bicton College 2nd April 2010

Really enjoyable return to my former college, saw bits I hadn't seen before.  Local knowledge did help a little in around the buildings.  My time 26:16 winning time as I left 18:50ish.  After the race the last bit of sport was pushing cars out of the car park!!!!  Tomorrow sees us at Cookworthy for a Classic race 11.9km 250m.  I am I fit enough!!  

Devon and Cornwall Double Header 20th and 21st March

This weekend was a weekend of contrasts, Day One Inny very wet bashing throught the trees and Day Two very hot open scrub land.  Really wanted to get these two events under my belt as it would be good to see how I faired on the second with the JK just two weeks away. As it turned out day two was 9.0km 300m, which really was a test and I was surprised to find at download that I had taken 1:33:10, which I was happy with.  Even though it felt an age I was out, I have stopped taking a watch as I just put myself under pressure all the time.  So a few more training runs and I will be all set for the JK!!!

Endomondo Orienteering Workout: "Saturday 20th 10.27 km in 1h:36m:41s using Endomondo."
Endomondo Orienteering Workout: "Sunday 21st - 12.40 km in 1h:46m:45s using Endomondo."

Revisited Devon Event from 6th December 08

Couldn't decide where to run today so decided to rerun an orienteering event from Dec 08.  Which turned out to be an enjoyable decision.  Mixed weather including heavy hail, blue skies and a bit of rain.  Not having flags out really does focus the mind, comparing the gps tracks suggested that every control was visited and there were a couple of different route choices as well.  Got around in 61mins. 

Lanhydrock 14th February 2009

Ran Brown again today 7.2km 190m 25c.   Went well until control 12 when I put pressure on myself as I knew someone was catching me.  Messed it up and he went past.  Running speed on the dead ground a problem 10 - 11 7.04 and 14 - 15 6.45.  Still happy overall as under 10m/km.  Now I am available for the JK will have to get out and train if I don't want to be last.

Five Tors - 6th February 2010 Night Event

Busy day, back to Five Tors for a night event where we ran the green from the day event backwards, which confused me lots.  Green 3.7km 115m 35:56.  I helped collect in controls and the end of the event, but in rushing off forgot my compass!!  This led to an interesting 40min which proved successful apart from one miss which took ages to relocate from.......  Maybe I should practice without a compass in the day first!!!


Five Tors - 6th February 2010

Beautiful day and good event, head willing but legs not after spending the week with a head cold.  So I was surpised to run under 10min/ks.  Course was good although a number of controls could have been removed as they seemed surplus to requirements sometimes less is more.  So Brown 8.6km 270m 82:23.  Managed to catch up with the family on the yellow course in time to see Abbie (4) jump into stream before control and fill her wellies!!! This was the first time out for Abbie and Erryn's Christmas SI Dibbers and they managed to complete the course in exactly the same time.

Polly Joke - 31st January 2010

Brown 7.5km 87:00
Nice course made great use of the sand dunes, Polly Joke always seems to catch me out possibly because of the change from fast terrain into more technical terrain.  Still an enjoyable event.  Dunes frozen so not to soft under foot.

Virtuous Lady North 30th Jan 10 - Night Event

3.9km 150m
Really good night event on a really small area just goes to show that you dont need vast areas for these small event.  Very cold clear night.  Looking forward to the results.