Four MoreTors in the Bag

Really beautiful midday on the moors started off cool, until the clouds rolled back and it really started to heat up.  Probably not a day to sit around as still a cold wind, but an ideal day for a run.  Started from Hay Tor car park then down to Bag Tor(148), always feel like a good runner on this stretch but it doesn't last long as soon after Bag Tor you cross the ford and start the 120m climb to Rippon Tor(62).  After the first section of the climb, there is a short respite after the gate, as you follow the wall before the final ascent.  Great views from Rippon Tor in every direction, making it a firm favourite.  Leaving the Trig point I retraced my steps before finding the path over to Saddle Tor(158).  Saddle Tor lives in the shadow of Haytor rocks, and so is much quiter but still has a large chunk of rock at its summit.  Onwards now to Holwell Tor(109) my final Tor of the day, great views from here over to Greator Rocks and Hound Tor.  Looking forward to racing in this area next weekend for the Devon Orienteering Club Long-O .  Finally I turned for the run between Haytor Rocks and down to the Car Park.  7.1km in 55mins.  

South West Orienteering Champs 2010 - Wareham Forest, Dorset

Firstly what amazing weather, blue skies all day and even the northerly wind couldn't ruin it.  When I read the course lengths in the final details I was a little concerned 7.0km 140m is really on the short side and generally that means the forest is tough going.  And it was, but that just meant taking the long way around the paths and diving into the controls, only going straight when you didn't mind taking it easy.  Due to this and the blocks of forests and felled areas the navigation wasn't particularly challenging, just keep map contact and the running under control.  The problem is my running speed on the paths can't match that of others.  But hey maybe one day I'll be the only M35 in the champs and I'll win......................

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Orienteering - Devon OC Champs 19th September 10

Devon Orienteering Club Champs one hour school event.  Nice run but feeling the event yesterday in my legs, 7.5km and got in with 45 secs to spare.  

Cornwall OC - Craddock Moor Event 18 Sep10

 Brown course today should have checked the length before venturing to the start as i would have noticed it was 10.4km!!  Normally I would be up for it but not feeling on top form at the moment.  Was surprise to get around in 9 min K's.  Even more surprised that winning time was under an hour!!  Off to Princetown tomorrow for a Devon Event.  Hopefully feel OK in the morning.  Bit jealous of guy competing in City of London O race think I will have to put that one on my list of things to do over 700 ran today! 

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