Cornwall Orienteering Club Race - Mount Egdcumbe 26th Feb

Brown Course 7.2km 370m

Mount Edgcumbe always lulls you into a false sense of security. You go there thinking that your going to get an easy time of it, nice nav and a run around the park. But when your out there you start to remember previous encounters, the difficulty moving on the steep wooded areas to the North, memories of your lungs busting trying to make up time in the parkland, and the climb which seems to be a constant companion.

This race was to be no different! although the going underfoot was worse than ever before. After 12 controls I was gone and knew that control 14 was within 50 metres of the car, I nearly gave it up. I was caught at this point by Peter Morton who I knew had start a few minutes after me. I wondered if I could make that back and so that was my focus for the rest of the race. I tried a few different route choices, but we were together all the way swapping leads into the controls, and I just managed to get to the finish before Peter but the results showed me 3 minutes behind.

Happy to get around in 81mins, winning time 56mins!!

Cornwall OC - Lanhydrock Race 20th Feb 11

Picked up the map to find a blast around the parkland was in order straight off, no time to think. First 9 controls all done in just under 14 mins, even with a slight miss to 2.  Need to get back in control but miss the 10th and have to relocate off the path!!  Path option to 11 only way to go at Lanhydrock, fly down the hill to 12 but find myself having to come back up the hill a little, never a good thing.  Clean from there just slow especially up the hill to 18.  7.0km 235m in 74.32.  Pretty happy apart from the miss to 10 which was careless.  Look forward to seeing the results, graph and routegadget.