JK2014 Day 3 - Llangynidr

Route uploaded using GPS track so no hiding, that where I went.  Mine in yellow, Richard Barrett 5th Green
My expectations coming into the JK were very low, due to injuries I had only run twice since February, so the main aim was to get around injury free.  So approaching Day 3 it was a case of 2 down 2 to go!  We pitched up early in the van and got breakfast underway one of the many advantages we are finding out about the camper.  We sat and watched people on the way to the starts, it was obvious that cags were going to be compulsory, the clag was down, there was a strong wind and the temperature a barmey 4C.  I watched competitors going about their business hoping that the clag would lift as the terrain would be challenge enough.  As we came to 11am I was happy to see it improve.  Day 2 had left me with a blister on each foot so I taped them up and made my way to the far start and huddled down, waiting for my start time.  1 min to call up Helen and Abbie appeared, Oh I am in trouble! I must have forgotten to explain to her that she should be at the near start.  I open my mouth to speak when she presents me with my race bib!!  I unpin Abbie's and sheepishly return it to her.  Call up, I am fumbling around trying to pin my bib on under my waterproof, get my SI card checked and generally get ready.  4 mins to go off go the gloves and get two pins in.  3 mins to go start volunteer points out my glove on the floor, I get the other pins in! 2mins to go I stuff my gloves in my pocket, get my compass out and take an all too short glance at the map.  1 min to go and I mumble to myself how well everything is going.  Ella Bowles (Devon) is in the same start block and comforts me by saying something to the effect that it can only get better!  Off we go, cautious to start with as the quarry area looks technical. Under confident to #1 but nothing major through #2 and back to bearing and pace counting until I spotted broken ground and then straight into #3.  Decided on the path around option to #4 and came off the path and perfectly into the control always a nice feeling.  Long leg to #5 pretty vague terrain so slowed it down to avoid a big mistake.  No one around and felt quite isolated. Bottled it on the way to #7 decided to head for the path then back in, should have gone more direct with path as catching feature big regret.  Descent to #9 pick a depression any depression! Looked in most on the way past eventually got led in. Leg to #10 felt like a Mountain Marathon leg, really on my own now, 5m from control happy to have corrected my drift to the east, enjoying being out on my own.  Before I punch the control two elites have appeared, punched and are off again.  I punch and take after them, they are heading my way, 300m latter they are gone and I am knackered.  I jump over #11 and see it out of the corner of my eye, nice to have a bit of luck.  Then a rumble of thunder hits me, I try to remember my ML training, what do you do if your stuck in a thunderstorm on the hills?  Oh well carry on.  Like a moth drawn to the light I get drawn down the hill before #12 to a row of crags.  My GPS shows me on a prefect line before getting distracted which is very annoying.  Been alone now since the elites went, is there anyone else on my course?  Long leg to #14 need to get to the track leading into the control, bit all over the place but eventually get there, pass someone 500m out but still quiet.  200m and I can clearly see 50/60 people all over the place.  There is a lot of random searching going on.  Slight wobble near the control as I wander off indistinct path. 1hr 45min gone keen as always to break the 2hr mark.  Bearing and pacing to #15, no problems, just need to keep it going.  Run down the hill to #16 and over to #17.  #18 seems a bit of a waste of time, as it's a TD1 control described as Track on the control descriptions!  Mop up the rest and into the the finish tired but content. M40L 11.3km 180m 1hr 58min 01secs.  23rd/41.

Abbie managed to beat me on the run in 26 secs to 29.  Need to work on my finishing speed!

Link to the new improved routegadet which allows easy uploading of gps tracks or manual input of routes.  http://www.jk.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#49 


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